N54 fbo kit

The wait was long, development takes a lot of testing to ensure we put together a proven system that does what we advertise it to do. For those that have been following our design and build stage, the time is here and we are ready to fulfill the orders!

Over the past year we have been developing one of our newest turbo system options. There are not a lot of options and those that are would generally require you to take out a small loan. We have set out to change the market and design an affordable, top mounted, single turbo system. From a design standpoint, this application is a challenge with the tight engine bay and a lot of tubing to fit in a small space. Our system starts with a completely custom designed manifold that is a 2pc design.

We have designed it from an extremely thick schedule 40 tubing and only use ss for the construction. By making this unique manifold, it allow for a much easier install. Most of the single top mount kits also require you to modify the factory coolant line as its routed through the same area where the factory turbos are.

We took serious attention to detail and built around it so it retains the hard aluminum tubing. This is not a good area to run rubber hose like some systems do. Sure it would be easier but in the long run, we have a better design. Out of the box your kit will be setup to make around 14psi on wastegate pressure. Coming out of the wastegate, we have it setup to atmosphere. Let me tell you personally, this car has factory exhaust and sounds pretty much like any other driving around….

We build a lot of cars around here and this engine rolling into boost sounds like nothing else we have worked with. The exhaust note is amazing and just right for for this caliber car that has all the comfort and now the power to back it up. The first option is going to be the On 3 55mm GT30 turbocharger.

If you are looking for the quickest spooling option and sticking to around hp max range, this will be the option for you. You will be able to select when ordering your system two other options. The standard option included is our journal bearing turbo and dual ceramic ball bearing is offered for a small fee. This turbocharger is one of our newer models and has a very trick feature. We had this exhaust housing cast from stainless steel and best of all it is v-banded inlet and outlet.

With any tight engine bay, this is key to allow for endless adjustments. This will not only look great but when the install time comes, it will make life that much easier. This will take the gases back to the factory exhaust location and splits into duals. With each kit we also include the necessary stainless steel v-band clamps to secure the turbo in place, downpipes as well as the needed clamp for the turbo manifold. To make our kit that much easier to install and to keep it a direct bolt on, we also include a set of billet fittings to help with a number of complications.

When removing the factory twin turbos, that will leave oil ports for supply, draining as well as water passages used for cooling the stock units wide open.

We had custom machined billet fittings made to do the following:. To address the cold side, coming out of the turbo we designed a short 2. Airflow surpasses what the factory air to air will handle and start delivering hot air to the engine. As that warms up, the computer starts pulling timing and that will become a power loss.The motor is based on aluminum block of cylinders which is equal to M54B30 with cast iron sleeves.

n54 fbo kit

It also has newly developed cylinder block with direct injection Double-VANOS variable valve timing on the intake and exhaust camshafts system. Diameter of inlet valves is Boost is implemented with the help of two Mitsubishi TDTK3 turbo chargers which operate in parallel. Every turbocharger is in charge of its 3 cylinders from the block. The N54 engine has a boost pressure of 0. At the same time this motor could also be found under the bonnet of Alpina autos.

They were modified and improved in order to perform HP. Alternative to N54 engine appeared in This is the time when bavarian engineers introduced their new turbocharged 6-cylinder N55 engine N55B At the same time N54 is still being produced by the company even nowadays. N54B30O0 — is a base modification with the following specs: Power — HP at 5, rpm, Nm of torque at 1, rpm. It was used for BMW models with 35i index. It differs from stock version by fan, radiator and ECU.

The main difference of this version is in improved cooling system radiator and fan as well as ECU. Sometimes problems of white smoke may also occur. This is when you need to check the coolant level which is the main cause of such problem in the majority of cases. The same duration term is for water pump and turbocharger. Abovementioned figures also depend on level and type of usage. Summing up we can say that this engine is rather reliable and powerful.

Owners will hardly face any problems. At the same time this motor has high level of durability and long lifespan. In addition it is the best bet for those who like different tuning experiments.

This is why BMW N54 is one of the best engines ever produced by major bavarian automaker. You will not face any difficulties while upgrading your N54 engine. At the same time its modification will not cost you a fortune. Stage 1 firmware will provide you with up to HP. If you need to increase this rate to HP, you need to modify cooling system replace in fans and installing additional radiator.

At the same time you also need to buy large intercooler as well as air filter. This is the best bet when it comes to tuning of BMW N54 engine.The BMW N54 engine featured in the i, i, and i is one of the most tune-able engines ever. The N54 engine has forged internals, meaning it can handle an immense amount of power without requiring any expensive engine modifications. BMW rates the engine at hp and tq to the crankshaft directly out of the factory.

It is widely known that BMW undershoots their power estimates, and this is especially true with the stock N54 putting down roughly hp and tq to the wheels!

This guide will take you step-by-step on the mods necessary to build a hp i, i or i. Horsepower is created from combustion. So to make more horsepower you need more combustion. This means that the car needs to pump more gas into the combustion chambers to create more horsepower your mpg will go down, yes.

As a result, gas is left in the engine and then can pre-detonate, or cause misfires due to the high temperature levels in the engine. Before shooting for significant horsepower gains, you should change your spark plugs! But which spark plugs should you be using?

n54 fbo kit

The OEM spark plugs are great, but only if you are running stock boost levels. More boost causes for more fuel, which creates more combustion, which creates higher engine temperatures! These higher engine temperatures are what cause pre-detonation and misfires.

Spark plugs have heat ranges which control the temperature that they ignite at. Using a colder spark plug will reduce engine temperatures and prevent misfires and pre-detonation caused by burning more gasoline.

Ignition coils should be replaced every time you replace your spark plugs. Ignition coils power the spark plugs — bad coils can cause the same problems as bad spark plugs so it is important to replace these as well.

The Best Sounding N54 Exhaust?

Check out these guides if you are already FBO and looking for the next step! Dual cone intakes are an essential upgrade for your N54 if you are looking to further tune and modify your car. This was the first mod Zach and I put on our cars, and it is, in my opinion, one of the most necessary supporting mods for breaking hp.

n54 fbo kit

Aside from additional horsepower, you also get an awesome and aggressive engine sound that is intoxicating. If you are unsure of which dual cone intake is the best for you, you can read our tuning guide on intakes which lists all of the available options, their prices, and horsepower gains.

Zach and I run the BMS intakes, and are more than pleased with the results. Second on the list is a set of catless downpipes. The catalytic converters on the OEM downpipes are very restrictive, and limit the amount of airflow leaving the engine. This becomes an issue when we put a tuner on our car and increase our boost pressure psi. With catless downpipes, you will be able to run more air through the turbo system which results in higher boost pressures, and better spool times.

These are second on my list after the dual cone intakes, because once you are bringing more air into the engine and turbos, you will need to allow more air to flow out. Downpipes and an intake are the best mods to do before you add a tuner to your car. These mods will allow the tuner to maximize horsepower gains through increased boost. As with above we are looking for a cost-effective set of downpipes, so we recommend the VRSF downpipes. As a disclaimer, removing the catalytic converters on your N54 will result in the car failing emissions tests.

Alright, when it comes to tuners for the N54, no product holds more world records than the JB4.

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The JB4 has the record for the highest horsepower N54, and also has more cars running in the 11 seconds on the quarter miles than any other tuner. It just so happens that the JB4 is the best, and the most cost efficient. Read our guide on N54 tuners to decide which is best for you!

VRSF Performance HD Intercooler FMIC Upgrade Kit 07-12 135i/335i/X1 N54 & N55 E82/E84/E90/E92

Mod 4 on our road to hp, is a front mount intercooler. An intercooler cools the air that comes from the turbos, before entering the engine.

The OEM system is designed to support low boost levels and lower levels of airflow.Making these key tweaks to your E9X will really wake up the car and can boost your output by more than horsepower.

By following this stepped upgrade path, your BMW i will be ready for the next stage and deliver optimal performance. What are we talking about? This is the OEM intercooler off of a BMW i — we actually had to put a cup under the OEM intercooler to collect all the oil to keep it from making a mess of the shop.

See how the entire intercooler has a nasty yellowish green sheen to it? Walnut blasting to clean all the carbon off the intake valves so your engine can perform as it was intended and can respond fully to your mods — and BMW recommends Walnut Blasting your N54 every 30, mi. What is Walnut Blasting? Why should I do it? Basically, oil vapor ends up coating the intake valves and like cholesterol clogging your arteries, the accumulated gunk is impeding the airflow at your intake valves.

Complete SUB-$3,000 Single Turbo Swap!

For further explanation of why the service is necessary, check out our writeup here. You can actually see the valve now!

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Save yourself an afternoon of frustration and let our professional Technicians clean out your intake valves to make your N54 as snappy as the day it left the factory again. Tuning the ECM is the 1 way to make more power right now with your Npowered Bimmer and truly unlocks the full potential of your twin turbo inline 6. By changing parameters such as boost pressure, timing, fuel mapping, throttle map and other key functions, a tune will dramatically alter the character of your N54 engine.

Below are some reviews from real enthusiasts like you. Another bonus for me was the fact that the unit comes with free future upgrades of maps, because I did not want to buy a piece of hardware and it becoming obsolete a few months down the road through the release of a newer, better one.

So I took the bath and bought it. Thanks again to Alan at ModBargains. So I loaded the map for 93 octane and went for a spin… all I can say is holy crap! This car is a beast now! Power delivery is smooth, and I had no trouble driving in wife-in-car mode, but push that accelerator down just a tad more and watch out! I have trouble keeping the rubber on the road now so I guess I will be looking for some new tires pretty soon, as the stock run-flats are clearly not up to the task any more.

And it goes on click here to see more firsthand reviews. All in all, these are simpler and much more painless to use. There are several performance exhaust options, ranging from quiet to aggressive. Since exhaust can be subjective, the right exhaust for you may not be the right exhaust for your friend who likes his car louder than you do — and so on. These systems offer a gain of around 10hp at the lower end of the spectrum, and that number will increase as you add other modifications.

While not the biggest gain by itself, like the intercooler, a good high flow exhaust is an excellent supporting modification that will have your vehicle ready to go to the next level.

Here are just a few exhaust options for the E9X i. We have videos available so you can gauge sound levels for yourself, and you can always ask a Modification Expert for guidance for what sort of system is best for your needs. Interested in spicing up the look and performance of your N54?Even 11 years after the N54 engine was originally debuted, horsepower world records are still being set constantly.

We have been waiting for the first hp N54, and one company claims to have broken this barrier. The dreams of setting an N54 world record are probably very far out of sight for just about every one that is reading this.

The other unfortunate aspect is that single turbo builds are very expensive. A second thing to note is that they are all manual transmissions. We now have a new world record coming in at WHP! Motiv Motorsports manufactures the Motiv Single Turbo Kit, and just recently January broke the N54 world record with a near 1,whp dyno pull! Coming in at WHP, this is the closest the N54 has come to hitting the 1, club.

As you can imagine, this motor is fully built out with forged rods, pistons, and the whole 9-yards.

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This run was a boost-only pull, meaning no Nitrous or other power adders! Check out this dyno pull:. He currently holds the top two records at his garage in Florida. Engine: Motiv Closed Deck 3. The size of the turbo in this beast will eat your child!

Again, we are on the E92 i platform, featuring a 6-speed manual transmission and a mod list that will leave you realizing you will probably never have HP on your N Engine: 3.

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This build by Amit P. Why am I featuring it at 4 instead of 2? Well, to hit these Dyno numbers, Amit used a shot of Nitrous. Ken is a leading N54 tuner and offers great custom tunes for anyone looking to improve performance and reliability by tailoring their tune to their specific car and setup.

Regardless, this is still super impressive. Amit is running 35psi currently which is insane, and has plans to get that number up to 40psi for An upgraded twin-turbo setup is far cheaper than swapping in a single-turbo setup and come-on, why have only one turbo when you can have two? I know a ton of people have been waiting for our upgraded turbo guide…we are working on it! Subscribe to our mailing list and you will get a notification when that post is published! I promise we only send like one email per month….

This setup was running This car laid down WHP on The owner wanted to run the half mile at Closed deck 9.NOTE: These kits are hand built to order - this is an extended lead kit that is non-refundable once your order has been processed. DocRace Has quickly established itself as the leader in single turbo swaps. With weld quality that would make long established premium brands salivate, to a fitment that can only be described as flawless, this is THE solution to transform your street car into something truly amazing.

Whether your goal is to make a streetable beast or an all out quarter mile monster, DocRace has you covered. The icing on the cake comes from the piece of mind of knowing you are running a kit that has been tried, tested and proven in almost any condition. Included is a T4 twin scroll manifold which is the heart of this turbo kit. You can choose from a up to a with maximum horsepower ratings from hp up to hp. To control all of this, boost is regulated by a pair of Tial MVS wastegates which are mounted down low and out of the way of heat.

This will come in handy if you ever need to change springs in your wastegates on the dyno or after hard runs. Currently, this kit currently holds the N54 single turbo HP record at hp. It comes complete with all necessary hardware to install, listed below.

There is a slight modification to the coolant pipe that is needed to work with AT. Fits your Change Vehicle. Change Vehicle. NOTE: These kits are hand built to order - this is an extended lead kit that is non-refundable once your order has been processed DocRace Has quickly established itself as the leader in single turbo swaps. This kit will only fit RWD models. Please email us for AWD pricing.

All warranties, product application, fitment, and performance are the responsibility of Turner Motorsport. For additional information see the terms of use.

n54 fbo kit

Video successfully uploaded. Your video will appear once it is approved. Add Another Video. My Account Sign In. BMW 2 Series. BMW 3 Series. BMW 4 Series. BMW 5 Series. BMW 6 Series. BMW 7 Series. BMW 8 Series. BMW Classics. BMW X Series. BMW Z Series. BMW i Series.Remember Me? I'm not saying this was claimed by VSRF but other vendors have claimed this and I would venture to say that most people would agree. I'm just trying to add up the numbers. Please help me fill in the gaps and add some validity to the claim.

FBO's get you HP. Condition of the car. This would be for a i K with new coils, packs,plugs, fuel injectors and walnut blasting. If I were to put the following car with the following mods what kind of power can I expect to see? I know mustang dyno's are different than dynojet etc. Is this True or False? What's the inter cooler net you? I dont see any numbers on this in the marketing info.

Manufactures typically exaggerate their claims or the conditions are such that's not typically street conditions or every day driving. So their numbers are typically inflated. So it's hard to speculate how accurate any manufactures claims really are but this was taken from the website and a basis for measurement.

If people with real numbers based on empirical evidence dyno sheet or virtual dyno could chime in I'd appreciate it. Based on my basic math I'm missing about 50whp how much does the intercooler provide trick question? The real question is with the listed mods how much power does the car really make? I've seen numbers all over the board. Remember that I've got no boost leaks new plugs, coils, and walnut blast so these are optimum conditions.

No misfires etc I want to get there as affordable as possible. Yes no maybe? Appreciate 0. It's a lot more realistic if you added turbo inlets into the mix.

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Appreciate 1. BaaQaf First Lieutenant. Private First Class. To do whp i would think you would need some big hybrids and an awesome tune on pump or some fuel sweetners like meth or eXX. Maybe crank hp. There have been half a dozen or so guys that have done it.

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