Ff14 vs wow

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ff14 vs wow

I have been a WoW player since the BC, a completionist, a lore nerd, I feel very attached to it, and I always keep returning. I quit it pretty fast because it was hooking me pretty strongly and I wanted to platinum the games that I had first.

Now that I did that, I don't have an excuse anymore. Why you did it? What do you find better or worse? What do you miss of WoW? Last edited by Darkarath; at AM.

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. Reply With Quote. For me WoW felt like it exhausted all the story established in the rts games i cared about and the story that replaced it was largely pretty dull. That and patches lasting over a year with things like seige of orgrimmar were pretty ridiculous for a sub game.

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I already loved final fantasy games and it played similarly enough. I tried it and ended up having far more to do when i logged in and liked having a job system over individual characters per class. Thats about it. I spent a lot of years and money on WoW but konamis treatment of silent hill kind of inoculated me to having any brand loyalty sentiment. If you arent having fun it doesnt matter what the name on the box is, case in point FF I like Warcraft but Warlords was my jumping off point.

I had years of fun but i cant see anygame having any hold over me because of time put in. I mean shit i put like a thousand hours into dark souls and monster hunter 4, that didnt stop me looking into the clones of them y'know?Why settle for just one life?

For almost 10 years, World of Warcraft has dominated and defined the genre while quickly making most competition irrelevant. Simply put, gamers have as much choice in the MMO field as never before.

Note that MMOs are huge games filled with tons of content, so we could never hope to explain every single difference and similarity between these four.

So what's the better MMO these days? WoW or FFXIV?

However, this basic info should give you a decent idea of how these games tick. Hail to the king. Since its launch indeveloper Blizzard has constantly added new quests, classes, races, zones, and content.

Some of these come in free updates, but most of the big stuff comes via massive expansions. You pick you hero and class and then progress through solo quests and multiplayer dungeons until you hit the level cap. Players can fight the other side in a variety of player-vs-player environments, including Battleground, which tasks each side with certain objectives like capturing a flagmore straight-forward Arenas that pit small teams from both sides against each other in fights to the death, and more organic in-world PVP where players fight for control of certain zones.

A Realm Reborn essentially works similarly to World of Warcraft. Players fight monsters either alone or with groups so that they can earn experience points and loot. Players pick a class for their character, but they can switch to a different one anytime they want after reaching level Switching is as easy as changing your clothes and weapon, which designate your class.

Most importantly, you can unlock jobs, a sort of super class, if you meet the level requirements from two specific classes. While you can play ESO in the third-person, like a traditional MMO, you can do everything in a first-person perspective, similar to the single-player Elder Scrolls.

You learn skills from your class, but you can also learn abilities from your equipment and guilds. Skills can also mutate, giving you a choice between two different spells or abilities with slight differences. Also, while skills are an important part of combat, you also depend on normal attacks and blocking. Like in the previous Elder Scrolls, timing and rhythm are important in battle. You need to know when to block a powerful attack and when to charge up a strong hit to put your enemy off-balance.

Still, gameplay is pretty typical for MMO fare, with players completing quests alone or with friends and exploring dungeons with a group. However, ESO features a lot more voice acting and story elements than most of its competitors. PVP in ESO takes place entirely in one zone, Cyrodiil, where the three factions fight for control of the crown by capturing and holding keeps, towns, and other strategic locations.

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如何客观对比WOW与FF14 ?

Register Now. Last Jump to page:. Advanced Search. Sticky: Find a Free Company Thread! Doing old content solo for glamour. Ffxiv is outstanding. Wary but Positive Thoughts on FF Deep dungeons seem too good to be true for leveling? A Wary Intro to FF Is Ruby drops acting weird for you guys to? Or are our runs just cursed Looking to start and got a few questions.

WoW refugee. Are any of the current preferred servers worth playing on. Can a tank main get through SB without actually tanking a duty for live players? Other FF forums. Post your character!

Y'all weren't kidding about the 7th astral era post-ARR questlines hahaha! Forum Information and Options.

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Moderators of this Forum Remilia. Thread Display Options. Show threads from theWhich MMO would you recommend while waiting for wow classic?

I would like something with a good community and meaningful endgame. Thanks in advance!

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Ps… ya im tired of retail wow and wants to take a break from it… perhaps wow will regain its glory again one day. ESO has a pretty good community, imo.

I like ffXiV. I enjoy having to only play 1 char that can do it all vs wows roll 15 chars to get everything. I guess it depends. Do you want tab target?

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Go with FF. Rocket League or Sea of Thieves.

ff14 vs wow

FF14 and ESO are both amazing. It sure is fun jumping around on their mounts, though. BDO - NO. Greedy pay to win. Long dead. GW2 - Meh. Boring, dead, outdated graphics. ESO - ok but nothing too special. Skyrim is better.

7 Ways Final Fantasy XIV Is Better Than World of Warcraft

Never let anybody else tell you what you should enjoy. SWTOR is fun. Story is good, especially the vanilla class quests. Part of me likes that style of MMO storytelling, and part of me smacks that first part of me for idiotic romanticism. ESO is great alternative to WoW. The world is more immersive and the community is more positive. The company behind ESO also cares more for the game than the current Blizzard team.

Games, Gaming and Hardware. Deliverer-barthilas 20 January 1. Hi all, Which MMO would you recommend while waiting for wow classic?

Kirnos-turalyon 20 January 2. GW2 is free to play, I would just give it a try and see how you like it. Smadinker-moon-guard Smadinker 20 January 3. We are also getting necromancers in ESO so the choice for me is an easy one. Fyfaesia-wyrmrest-accord Fyfaesia 20 January 4.

Wolfthorn-earthen-ring Wolfthorn 20 January 7.Played WoW on and off since Vanilla, playing almost every expansion. WoW i think did a lot of things very well, they would of been the juggernaut they are and lasted as long as they did if they didnt. But it has gotten very stale to me. I have leveled countless characters there.

Its always the same to me though, new Xpac is released, level my first character, do some endgame stuff, level another one, get bored, quit and look for a new game, rinse and repeat. I see enough stuff in front of me i can work towards and get excited about. I can see leveling other classes becoming a chore after the 3rd or 4th, but there seems to enough other stuff at the moment i want to get into to keep that low on the priority list.

ff14 vs wow

I seem to get the most out of these types of games when i decide to really put alot of effort into it, I feel like WoW and FFXIV have enough content to allow you to do that. I got back into WoW for about a month, and leveled a char. It was fun for a bit, but after a while, it got stale and i can't really stand the 13 year old cartoon graphics, the game just looks a bid dated now days. Dark or Light Theme toggle.

Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register. FishForce Member Uncommon Posts: A new content update about once every 3 months Interesting crafting system Plays almost perfectly similar to WoW, except a bit slower 2. If you go between the two games, you can certainly feel it, but if you only play this one, it's honestly not a problem. Just people complaining about "It's not fast enough for me!

Adoni Member Uncommon Posts: Why, exactly, do I need to kill 10 of this random monster? FFXIVon the other hand, has cut-scenes that provide a story for even the smallest quests in the game. This makes it feel like your actions actually have a purpose, rather than just going out and doing fetch quests for the sake of doing them. For me, having the ability to play with a controller is what got me into Final Fantasy XIV in the first place. I was just about to reactivate my WoW account for the fiftieth time, and I decided to give FFXIV a chance since I could play from the comfort of the couch with a controller.

In WoWif you want to change classes you have to go ahead and make a whole new character.

ff14 vs wow

Want to test out a healer? In World of Warcraftcrafting and gathering are pretty simple mechanically. You click a thing and gather it. World of Warcraft is only available on PC. One thing a lot of WoW players get into is the battle between Alliance and Hord.

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Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. So I haven't played FFXIV since the completion of O4S and now I have been doing some research of what the game has to offer and it doesn't seem much being the new alphascape coming out and new dungeons.

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WoW in the other hand I have started to gain some interest being the most recent expansion for WoW: Battle of azeroth being a huge thing with raids and new areas but for FFXIV it feels like it hasn't changed much since I left. Showing 1 - 15 of 84 comments. Abuzigahl View Profile View Posts. A tomato and a apple are both a fruit but no one trys to compare them WoW is with a other mindest and concept build as ff so comparing them is useless and ends up ppl saying wow sucks or ff.

So you get a flamewar at is best Originally posted by Abuzigahl :. Nameless View Profile View Posts. From somebody who has almost already 'done all there is to do' in Battle for Azeroth in its current state You should have more than enough time then to decide if FFXIV is really for you, without sacrificing any time really lost in WoW for the next month. Last edited by Nameless ; 24 Sep, pm. Gabby View Profile View Posts. Hmm, a month till the next patch for them is a pretty good guestimate.

Final wing of the raid opens up in RF in two weeks and if they're really going at Legion's Pacing, they won't sit long on a patch that's already in the PTR.

For the casual player though, a month is barely enough time to do everything already there so that wait isn't too bad when you consider that context. Originally posted by Seraphna :.

WoW is the better game, by far. Originally posted by Nameless :. I went back to WoW during the last expansion, I leveled to max lvl and stopped playing immediately after that just because of the grind at that point feeling like too much to move forward. Everything felt very heavily based on dailes, and as such I never felt like enough was getting done.

That and the Blade and Soul style thing they did to weapons The dungeons felt too steamlined to be memorable. Can't speak to raiding, but if doing the hardest raids and being a small group who can is your jam, thats seems like something you could do in ff14 if you dont want to start fresh in WoW.

Almost nothing was based on World Quests. There really were no dailies, but a couple hundred randomly generated quests, you went to where they spawned and did them in an open world setting. World Quests remain, and actually are a little more integral in BfA to start but they also taper off.

Weapons are done.

WOW is CRUSHING FFXIV in Earned Media - State of The Game

It was just for Legion. The dungeons were arguably more memorable than older ones due to all the story tied to them.

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